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Our Studio

The Ctrl N Studio was established estimated in 2009 located in Johnsonville Wellington. We offer a wide range of services in terms of full production and assisting, projects can range from film, video production, photography, wedding photos and videos, and graphic design such as business card and logo design. We've cooperated with various companies in respective fields including real estate agency, marketing company, restaurants, magazines, interior designer, also cosmetic products and organic brands, by providing promotional assisting of their products. Our recent documentary directed by Tao Li has been funded by the New Zealand Film Commission and has participated in the latest NZIFF of 2020. As the only studio designated by the documentary producing team, our studio also received support from the local government during the cooperation with Tao Li. The next documentary is also in full swing, and we will act as the post-production producing studio and part of the pre-production in this documentary as well. The proposal of this new documentary has been recognized and supported by The Embassy of People's Republic of China in New Zealand and is expected to reflect more current concerns of local Chinese while living in New Zealand. With our advanced filming and editing equipment, we will be able to accomplish any type of request you need.  

Feel free to contact us with any enquiries that you have regarding video, photograph and design. If you'd rather have a face to face chat you are more welcome visit our studio at 4 Johnsonville Road, Johnsonville, Wellington. Please make sure you contact us before you visit and we'll get back to you ASAP to arrange a meeting. 

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         Jason Wang

"It's all    about         Ideas"


           Halina Han
Media Production Specialist 

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